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myIMS is the IMS student page for CAT, CMAT, GMAT, GRE , BBA , CLAT and BANK PO students. Please click on the relevant link below to access the relevant student page as per the program YOU have enrolled for:
1. CAT:      
2. CMAT:  
3. GMAT:  
4. GRE:      
5. Bank Exams:
6. BBA:      
7. LAW:     

  • How to Login?

To login, please use your PIN (Permanent IMS Number) as Username and Password provided to you .

Password for myIMS will be mailed to you within two working days on the email id specified at the time of enrollment). In case you have not received your password, please write to

  • How to update profile and change password ?

You can update your profile and change password by visiting the My Profile link that appears on forum page after you login. 

  • I have not changed my password, yet I cant login?

The problem is most likely due to your browser; you need to clear your browser cache/cookies:
Mozilla Firefox: Go to Tools-Options-Privacy. Click on Clear your recent history. Check the Cache and Cookies boxes and click on Clear Now. Reload the page and login again. This should normally work. Our website can be best viewed on Mozilla Firefox, 

Internet Explorer: Go to Tools-Internet Options-General. Click on Delete under Browsing History. Check the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies boxes and click on Delete. Reload the page and login again.

Google Chrome: Click on Options. Select Under the Hood and then on Clear Browsing Data. Check the boxes Empty the cache and Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data and click on Clear Browsing Data.
Incase, the above process does not resolve your problem, then do write to us at

  • How to report myIMS related login issues ?

You can inform us by writing a mail to

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